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Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics - Department of Computer Science
Scientific researches of the department of Computer Science

Technologies of natural languages.
The interest is focused on study and adoption of information technologies, connected to the computer modeling of language structures and processes (with application for Bulgarian language) and wide usage in different application systems. Researches include:

* creation of e-resources, connected to the presentation of Bulgarian language lexis and grammar;
* realization of methods and means for studying Bulgarian computer texts, and experimenting with environments for morphological, lexical, syntactic and semantic analysis and synthesis of the text;
* studying and extraction of knowledge and language data corpuses;
* realization of systems from type ‘text-speech' and their application in the information technologies;
* linguistic modeling in virtual learning environments, etc.

Technologies for education and learning.
Researches and developed technologies are addressed to the development of e-learning environments, supporting wide spectrum of activities, inherent to the distance learning.

List of projects

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