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Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics - Department of Applied Mathematics and Modeling

Department of Applied Mathematics and Modeling

Research directions



  • Iterational methods for simultaneous finding of zeros of polynomial equations
  • Qualitative methods of impulsive equations
  • Impulsive models in population dynamics. Models with random impulses
  • Stability of the solutions of differential equations
  • Analytical, statistical and numerical modeling of gas lasers
  • Modeling of gas discharge and breakdown curves
  • Mathematical and statistical modeling in food technologies
  • Spherical codes and designs
  • Stability and convergence analysis of difference schemes for approximate solutions of partial differential equations. Analysis of non-linear multidimensional problems
  • Numerical modelling of fluid dynamics problems for drainage and rupture of a free thin film under the action of different forces
  • Statistical treatment of information



                                      Chair: Prof. Khristo Semerdzhiev, DSc
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