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Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics - vol. 35, book 3, 2007


P. Kh.Atanasova, T. L. Bojadjiev
Numerical Simulation of Bifurcational Curves in Long Non-Homogeneous Josephson Junctions

Dimcho S. Dimov, Dobromir P. Kralchev, Alexander P.Penev.
Cliques, Packings of Segments and Binary Matrices

Iva Dokuzova.
An ABJ-Connection on Almost Complex Manifolds with Norden Metric

A. H. Hristov.
Metrics on a Manifold with a Semi-Tangential Structure

Dobromir P. Kralchev, Dimcho S. Dimov, Alexander P.Penev.
A Reflexive Algorithm for the Rook Problem

Dobromir P. Kralchev.
On the Moving Boundary Hitting Probability for a Brownian Motion

Asen Rahnev, Olga Rahneva.
Algorithms for Generation of Circuits and Drafts in Distributed E-Testing Cluster DeTC

Ivan K. Russinov.
Non-Lyapunov Stability Analysis of Lagre-Scale Systems on Time-Varying Sets in Terms of Two Multi-Valued Measures

Ivan K. Russinov.
On the Lp-Stability and the Lp-Integral Stability of Non-Linear Differential Equations in Terms of Two Measures

Dobrinka Kostadinova Shtarbeva.
On Some Riemannian Product Manifolds

Elena Somova, George Totkov, Rositza Doneva, Kostadin Chaushev.
Mobile Learning to the e-Learning Environment PeU 2.0

Marta Teoflova.
On a Class Complex Manifolds with Norden Metric

Petar Yankov.
Meromorphic Continuation of Power Series

Zhivko Zhelev, Maria Ivanova and Veselin Videv.
Four-Dimensional Riemannian Manifolds with Commuting Higher Order Jacobi Operators

B. Zlatanov.
Upper and lower estimates in weighted Orlicz sequence spaces and Lorentz-Orlicz sequence spaces

Georgi Zlatanov, Bistra Tsareva.
Transformation of Spaces of Compositions

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