Elena Somova

Professor, PhD in Computer Science

Head of Department "Computer Science" at Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, University of Plovdiv "Paisii Hilendarski"

Picture of Elena Somova

COURSES 2021/2022

Introduction to Computer Science

1 semester, for full-time and part-time bachelor students

Web Programming

1 semester, for full-time and part-time bachelor students

Algorithms and Data Structures

1 and 2 semester, for full-time bachelor students

Modeling and Management of Business Processes

3 semester, for full-time and part-time bachelor students

Object-Oriented Programming

3 semester, for full-time bachelor students

Information Technologies in Education

1 semester, for Erasmus students; 2 semester, for master students

Practical classes in Programming

for students in qualification degree


EIT HEI INITIATIVE, Driving Change, Capacity Building Towards Innovative, Entrepreneurial Universities (InnoChange), 2021-2023.

Faculty Coordinator

ERASMUS+, 2020-1-PT01-KA203-078646, Promoting Sustainability as a Fundamental Driver in Software Development Training and Education (Sustrainable), 2020-2023.

Local Coordinator & Steering Committee Member

CEEPUS-H-0081, CIII-HU-0019-16-2122, Central European Exchange Program for University Studies, International Cooperation in Computer Science, 2021-2022.

Local Coordinator

Horizon 2020, 824544, Supporting and Implementing Plans for Gender Equality in Academia and Research (SPEAR), 2019-2022.

Team Member

ОП НОИР, „Construction and development of competence centers“, BG05М20Р001-1.002- 0002-С 01, Digitalization of Economics in Big Data Environment, 2018-2023.

Team Member

ОП НОИР, BG05M2OP001-2.013-0001, Student internships - phase 2, 2020 – 2023.

Academic Mentor


Deyan Stoilov

Data analytics for dynamic prediction of the price movement by applying machine learning

Nikolay Handzhiiski

Parser generators

Margarita Gocheva (co-supervision with Nikolay Kasakliev)

Game-based learning