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Начало Обучение Избираеми дисциплини Oбщ списък на избираемите дисциплини и практикуми Live Object Programming and advanced design with Pharo    English
Факултет по математика и информатика - Live Object Programming and advanced design with Pharo

доц. д-р Елена Сомова, Gordana Rakić, University of Novi Sad, Serbia и Stéphane Ducasse, INRIA Lille, France


Pharo is a pure object-oriented programming language in the tradition of Smalltalk. It offers a unique developing experience in constant interaction with live objects. Pharo is elegant, fun to use and very powerful. It is very easy to learn and enables to understand advanced concept in a natural way. When programming in Pharo, you are immersed in a world of live objects. You have immediate feedback at any moment of your development on objects representing web applications, code itself, graphics, network. Pharo is also a very powerful open-source environment used by companies to develop web applications.

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